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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Grow Everything in 2010

As much as I am excited about the New Year I remain concerned about the future of food in our country. Let our resolutions be ones that secure this precious commodity. Start ordering seeds to plant in the coming year, try growing some sprouts, organize a seed swap, gather with others and garden together, buy fruit trees, berry bushes and most importantly use your voice.


also check out http://www.ftcldf.org/ and http://www.westonprice.org/ to stay up to date on corporate "food safety" bills attempted to be pushed through the Senate by Big Ag aka MONSANTO

Friday, December 25, 2009

Grateful for Organic

I am so thankful to have in my presence those who not only appreciate organic food but also understand the significance of its existence on this fragile planet. My children being first and foremost to grasp this concept. For us eating organic is more than a choice - it is a priviledge and a way of life.

The holidays were more simple than usual this year and I like simple but there were twinges of uncomfortability as we struggle to cover the basic operating expenses for all my "visions" in a community that does not quite get what we are about yet. So when we sat down to our holiday meal tears came to my eyes as each of my children expressed their gratitude for being able to eat an organic meal knowing that was the extent of what I was able to give them this year.

Wow. My children were most thankful for my choice to feed them organic over everything else. The depth of their understanding of how important this is (from
six to sixteen) struck a chord. I felt such gratitude to have children that are able to grasp not only how important it is to me...but to their future as well. Granted they are exposed to the battles of choosing organic over conventional every day at our cafe.

Running an all organic food business has had its challenges....the biggest one primarily being the inability to profit (much less cover operating expenses) to run such a place. They see us working long hours, day after day and help out a great deal as well so we can live our dream in hopes that others will soon understand. Our dedication to feeding others as we feed our family has been a tremendous (and often challenging) learning experience with a cost.

This season I am more grateful than ever to have children that appreciate the most basic gifts life has to offer and it is my hope that the freedom to eat such foods remains theirs forever.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Take Action with the Grassroots Netroots Alliance

How do we hold both truths to be true simultaneously - that there is a crisis on our hands with the changing climate AND that our world leaders are corupt politicians insterested only in a One World Government....YES, the earth needs our attention and NO we do not need carbon taxes or climate change gestapo to guilt us into giving up our freedoms. There ARE other solutions. It is not just black or white, right or wrong, republican or democratic, climate change or no climate change, swine flu or no swine flu - it is ALL THE SAME. Can you see? We do not need to feed the fear, instead we can grow beautiful, luscious organic gardens that feed our families tasty, nutrient dense foods. There is another way - and together we can be the force in the world that brings our people and our planet back into balance.

Take Action with the Grassroots Netroots Alliance

please....take action. let's NOT risk our SOVEREIGNTY
for a carbon tax - NO OBAMA!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Innovation & Real Food

Check out this awesome website for those (like me) dreaming of change the world (sigh)

Comment on my "innovative idea" to provide nutrient dense REAL food to the people

side note: anyone interested in being part of the revolution?

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Absence of Soil

The BIRTH day of The Absence of Soil - introducing the Intro & Chapter One...more to come!: http://tinyurl.com/l4vst2

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The REAL Food Movement

Eating locally is becoming increasingly popular. Numerous stories are flooding mainstream media featuring the next generation of young farmers, community supported agriculture, locavores, farmers markets and tips on growing your own garden. These heroic efforts are the saving grace and potential salvation for the future of nutritious food. Let’s take back our threatened food system and save ourselves.

(http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2009/06/16/hr-2749-totalitarian-control-of-the-food-supply/ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WH8Tchm4NKQ)

The nutrients in food today have drastically reduced since they were first researched in 1940. Since that time a 40% reduction in mineral content has occurred due to the widespread use of agrichemicals used on the soil. According to the “Worthington Report” in 2001, “organic food contains significantly higher levels of Vitamin C, iron, magnesium and phosphorous and significantly fewer nitrates than conventional crops” (The Little Food Book: You Are What You Eat, p. 129). It’s like eating four apples today to get the same nutritional value in one apple 70 years ago.

Yet even today, organic standards have been weakened as more and more corporate food giants have come on board with their own organic lines. Attempts have been made by the USDA to alter the definition of “organic” by including genetically modified foods or those grown using toxic sludge. As the organic industry grows and big business puts pressure on the government to make exceptions to the rule we must continue to use our voices to maintain the purity we currently have. The reason the organic industry is growing is due to consumer demand. So although it is impossible to completely avoid all contaminants in such a toxic world, we do know that eating organic reduces our toxic load considerably and is better for our children.

We need to demand NUTRITIONALLY DENSE food – even over organic. Instinctually we gravitate towards foods that are more nutritionally rich because they taste sweeter and as a result we eat less. Ultimately, hunger is the result of a lack of nutrition – our bodies are starving from the DEAD foods we are feeding them. We need to get the minerals and vitamins our bodies require for ultimate health from the foods we eat, not packaged foods and supplements. Avoid packaged, processed foods of all kinds – even those labeled organic. There is no healthy packaged food. It is just a gimmick to keep consumers buying fast food. Simple meals made with fresh ingredients are always best and more cost effective.

We now have the knowledge and capability to merge science and technology with nature and produce foods that maximize DNA potential, are nutrient rich and disease resistant, have a longer shelf life and taste better! When we choose to buy organic we must research the company or farm we are buying from! Fresh, local organic is always best. Take the comparison of non-organic collard greens and iceberg lettuce. Nutritionally speaking collard greens (being a dark leafy green) are much better for you than iceberg lettuce (which is devoid of any real nutritional value), yet non-organic collard greens contained 270 pesticide residues (including traces of DDE and DDT) while the iceberg lettuce had only 122.

Eating fresh is always best from a nutritional stand point, but not eating organically grown produce can actually be dangerous, especially for small, growing children as the supposedly “safe” levels of pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables are based on the size and serving of an adult male, not a young child. If you are not eating all organic, you need to know which non-organic fruits and vegetables to avoid. Many of the most dangerous fruits (apples, strawberries and grapes) are the ones our kids love the most! What child eats just a few berries? Celery is at the top of the list with a whopping 240 pesticide residues; cucumbers came in at 189; summer squash at 185; tomatoes at 214 and potatoes at 205. Dried raisins had 200 industrial chemical and pesticide residues (up an additional 90 residues within a thirteen year span). Check out Diet for a Poisoned Planet by David Steinman.

We must be wise consumers to determine the quality of organics we are dealing with. Frozen organic fruit grown in China is not the same as fruit grown in California due to water quality, air quality and processing standards. Organic produce from Mexico is more suspect because organic standards there are not as stringent as in the states. We are also looking for products that aren’t traveling excessive distances to get to us. Yet in areas where farm land is diminishing daily (like where I live in Connecticut) it is getting harder and harder to afford “local” foods as the demand exceeds what is available. Local food is not always organic yet farmers’ market prices in some areas are exceeding organic food prices as consumers seek out the latest and greatest in the new “local” niche.

The bottom line is that we need to demand food that is not sprayed or treated in any way so that our children can think clearly. It is more critical than ever that we feed our families nutritionally dense real food that will sustain them and not add to their toxic load. More and more farmers are beginning to realize that particular attention needs to be given to the soil in order to grow food high in nutrition – including those labeled organic. Dr. Anderson, a leader in the field of sustainable agriculture, determined in his research that the nutritional content of foods today are 15 to 75 percent less than a half a century ago “due to the poor nutritional practices of the farmers that grow the food”.

The overuse of the nitrates in agriculture to promote fast crop growth post World War II developed as a way to dispose of the over production of nitrates used in making explosive bombs. “The problem is (according to Dr. Anderson) that the crops are not fit to eat. There’s no nutrition there to speak of, and that’s part of the reason we have degraded our food.” Nitrogen has been promoted both as a pesticide AND a fertilizer by those in the business of making money, not farming. As a result, we have a situation where there is a lack of good soil remaining to grow food that our bodies need. Interestingly enough, when we grow crops in nutrient rich remediated soil, the crops not only taste better, are larger in size and produce greater yields, but they are also pest-resistant! Amazing – it’s as if Mother Nature really knew what she was doing! The challenges confronting farmers today due to the implementation of chemicals are numerous compared to those facing farmers 100 years ago.

There is a growing movement being launched by small-scale organic farmers who are on the cutting edge of this technology to bring to market this real food we are talking about. It is called The Real Food Campaign. The goal is to establish new standards by growing food with high levels of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, antioxidants and trace minerals (matching or exceeding pre 1940 USDA mineral levels). These HIGH BRIX foods will be flooding the market as both retailers and consumers begin to not only understand, but taste, the difference. BRIX tests the levels of sugars in the food – explaining the difference between a home grown juicy tomato of the past and the cardboard, tasteless relics of today. Grocery stores are already beginning to seek this high brix food because it is more shelf stable, lasts longer and creates positive experiences for their consumers bringing them back for more!

The campaign is linking together farmers, consultants, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and consumers educating them about the fact that it is possible to grow higher quality foods. Our role as consumers is to support the movement by purchasing these products but to take it a step further by telling others. When we have options we become empowered rather than helpless. We have a solution! We are getting back to the basic building blocks inherent in Mother Nature to solve some of the crisis we are challenged with today – biochar, algae, enzymes, mycelium…Mother Nature has the tools to remedy the solution IF we let her.

For more information about the Real Food Campaign, visit www.realfoodcampaign.org ! Support their efforts by becoming a member!

REAL FRESH FOOD is available through The Growing Green Co-op. To place an order, contact Julia at Julia.Whittier@comcast.net (Hartford pick-up) or for more information about a drop-off location near you, contact Imani@thegreenvibration.com

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


FOOD SECURITY & FREEDOM - OPPOSE BILL H2749! It is each of our responsibility to protect both for our children. TAKE ACTION immediately! There is no time like the NOW to get informed.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

sweet misery

So, what's the demon? SUGAR... in all it's sultry forms....even for those of us eating mostly raw food diets we still come face to face with the culprit that entices us all. From agave to aspartame we are required to explore our relationship with sugar. But the outrage, for me, comes when blatant, misleading advertising is inflcited upon those who don't yet understand the issue - particularly our children.

A few weeks ago we showed SWEET MISERY as part of our free film series. It is a must see for anyone that still believes that aspartame is not a lethal toxin and makes you wonder who it is exactly that is out to destroy our species. A few days later my daughter stumbled across the $30 million effort over the next 18 months on behalf of corn syrup companies to convince Americans that this stuff is "natural". Check it out:




I particularly love this rebuttal which is much more accurate:


Most moms fail to realize that 2 of every 3 products inthe grocery store contain SUGAR - not just the junk food but the other stuff like pickles, pasta sauce, yogurt. There are over 52,000 items alone that contain high fructrose corn syrup!!! Read: Sugar Shock by Connie Bennett and begin to educate yourself about the DANGERS of this deadly poison being inflicted upon our innocent children around every corner.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Water...our most precious resource

Happy Solstice! Join us and others around the world in this history making "EXPERIMENT". . . . The new concept in harmony . . . Connecting all through the water that sustains the planet and makes up most of your body. . . .New research proves different types of water hold unique capabilities that can free humanity from every urgency. Learn more about water and the new way to hear music . . . in 528Hz.Join us. . . . It’s for everyone.

The EXPERIMENT will gather millions of people this Summer Solstice weekend, June19- 21. Participants at more than 70 venues worldwide adjacent important bodies of Water are poised to make this first LIVE H2O Internet broadcast a historic success. Best of all, it’s all done by volunteers, and no large commercial sponsors. People everywhere will unite musically to celebrate the healing harmony in Water and LOVE. This unprecedented interactive Internet broadcast over LIVEH2O.tv will engage an estimated 10 million or more viewers in this first ever experiment in awareness and understanding. Music played at 528 Hz, with heart-felt loving intention for peace, health, and more, will resonate the oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams, including your blood stream, for the LOVE of it!

Co-creating Peace, Health & AbundanceEverything is possible with LOVE, faith, and people united in prayer! This 72-hour global event is designed to bring humanity back to unity and security in the name of LOVE, by celebrating Water.There are three ways for you to participate: 1) Go to the nearest venue; 2) Create your own gathering with friends interacting using LIVEH2O.tv and this "FREE PASS" to the LIVEH2O.tv "Control Room" that links you to streaming video broadcasts from around the world; and 3) Produce your own experience by "surfing" the streaming video, singing, praying, and chanting with multitudes of warm hearts connected online.That's right! Even if you are home alone, everyone is invited to celebrate LIVE H2O, especially during the global prayers on Sunday, June 21st, at 10AM and 6PM Pacific Standard Time.

Let‘s co-create a "Global Baptism" during the greatest spiritual concert in history--all for the LOVE of Water!DRUM, PRAY and CHANT with the World, . . .Share in the "LOVE WATER EXPERIMENT". . . . SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2009.

For those of you in Hartford, we will meet at the co-op at 4pm on Sunday.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Our organic café has blossomed over the years and continues to attract people struggling with food related issues. Throughout the years, I have noticed the disconnection people seem to have with their physical bodies. For example, most people have lost touch with their innate hunger response. Here in America, we eat just for the sake of eating- crazy schedules, boredom, loneliness and habit.

Our culture has reinforced this concept with bottle feeding. We use food as a way to pacify children rather than comfort them with the breast or physical attention. It is easier to stick something in their mouths to shut them up rather than to deal with their specific needs at a particular moment in time.

But with what result? We now have a nation of overweight and emotionally starved children who turn into adults with the same issues in various forms. Food, sex, shopping - one addiction is linked to another. We are a compulsive society aching to fill the insatiable emptiness within. The Age of Consumerism has created a chasm between our inner wisdom and what we are told we need in this country like no other.

Here in the US we have the highest rates of obesity and diabetes resulting from growing a nation of children disconnected from where there food comes from or what real food even is for that matter. We assume the packaged edible matter with a nutritional label attached actually is good for us because that is what we have been mis-led to believe the unreal.

A hundred years ago our grandparents ate the food they grew in their garden, the wild edibles that surrounded them and products that came from nearby farms. We see the rage for raw food, local food and farmers markets growing as more and more people begin to see the light. Yet as we begin to incorporate more of these REAL foods into our diets, the real challenge is to fully obliterate the unhealthy products from our diets....

Join us for one of our RAW FOOD BASICS courses at our cafe (new series starts next week) if you are in the area (http://www.alchemyjuicebar.com/) or check out http://www.foodmatters.tv/ AND do your part by signing on to the latest campaign sponsored by Corporate Accountability that is urging more states to follow cities and states such as NYC and Massachussets who are enforcing madatory nutritional labeling from fast food restaurants. Connecticut could become the latest state to ensure fast food chains provide customers with nutritional information on menu boards! Take action: Tell Governor Rell to pass strong protections for Connecticut fast food patrons - and our kids!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The GREEN Crusade

Everyone is on the green bandwagon these days and overall that's a good thing....we just need to be more selective and discerning about the products we welcome into our lives. This is where conscious consumerism comes in....well I am happy to announce that I have finally found a company offering something I have been searching for that meets my criteria!

Green cleaning products are an easy way to embark on the path of going green yet there are many imposters tempting consumers trying to do the right thing. Finally, a truly green product with a company capable of maintaining the integrity of the product in all arenas...from the product itself (latest technology of enzyme based cleaners that come in concentrate form that you simply add water to), to the packaging (recycled containers, carboard and water based inks) to the companies organic shirts. The company is based AND manufactured in the USA and is designed to educate and empower through a direct marketing system.

The concept is brilliant, the product fabulous (same price point as conventional products without the toxins that works like a charm!!!). Not only is it a product that the newbie can easily gravitate towards but us dark greenies can embrace because it exuberates the integrity we demand. Now that's an accomplishment to be proud of and take part in!

Looking for a product that you can be passionate about and support your overall vision of improving the planet? Wow Green cleaning products are a great place to start. In just a matter of weeks we are growing the deepest shade of green vein within the company and I welcome you to take part. This product line is going to serve as the backbone of our nationawide green consulting service and are the perfect opporunity for moms of all skills and abilities to take part...

Step into your wise warrior self and join the crusade!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fear Not

Not only do we need to take back the planet but our minds as well! They are just as polluted as the planet - filled with all kinds of craziness, manipulated with fear based tactics and disoriented by mind- altering toxins. This "swine flu" is just yet another, among many, attempts to attack not only our bodies but our our psyches as well.

As a mother of 6 - I am extremely concerned about the future of the world, mandatory vaccinations, aerosol spraying, intentional pandemics and so on.... I do my best to stay in the present moment, learn from the past and prepare myself and my family for the future. This is part of what we are currently working out through mindful living and the practice of the art of living in community.

We stay busy with our day to day activities yet remain very tuned into what is going on in the world - we follow the mindset of the postings found on Natural Solutions and have been showing free films at our organic cafe to empower and educate. This past week we began meditating before the film to help make it easier to absorb the information without becoming depressed, apathetic or detached. It is about balance.

This is part of the lesson of living during these times - discernment, truth and integrity....not an easy path!

Get informed
www.GlobalHealthFreedom.org - http://www.HealthFreedomUSA.org

Together we are more powerful than we are alone.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Day to Honor Mother Earth

I am Mother Earth. Earth I am. No divisions exist between myself and the Divine Mother whose resources are dwindling. It is both exhausting and exhilirating to be alive on the planet at this time.

Giving endlessly of ourselves as the ultimate sacrifice - without martyrdom. Are we merely reducing ourselves to Nothingness to be reborn again? How do we delicately balance the worlds of fear and love? How do we distinguish between faith and despair?

Staying present to the sensations of life. Feeling the searing pain of every mountain rendered from the curves of her body; gasping for breath as the trees continue to fall; leaving vast areas of clearcut scars across her surface; I quiver with each collision between science and nature in every cell of my being.
I am drowning from the crashing waves - left deaf from the pollution that fills my ears. Contaminated waters fill her veins and mine. I pause. We have drunk endlessly from her breast until the milk has run dry.
Here we are - clinging to parched desserts begging for rainfall. Acid rain scorches our skins; no longer barriers for the poisons that seep into my blood.
Are we participating in the extinction of our own species or evolving to the next phase in our consciousness? How do we hold both to be true simultaneously...better yet, how do we live our lives from a place of action while promoting peace and forgiveness in the world?

This Earth Day honor yourself. Feed your body organic food. Protect your children from the chemical laden lawns, GMO foods and synthetic fragrances that waft through our airs. Do it today and everyday and in doing so we give thanks to the Mother of us All.

Blessed Be Mother Earth.

Check out “What’s Your Big Green Lie?!” at http://www.biggreenlies.com.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Organic vs Local

Wow! All this talk about going local is great! The one problem posed for those of us living in small states like Connecticut is access to it (one of the motivations behind the state-wide delivery service we are launching!) And buying local ORGANIC can be even more challenging.

Which is better? local products drenched in chemical fertilizers or organic products shipped 3000 miles? Hmmm... In our family we choose organic over local but actively seek out as much local organic stuff we can get our hands on. More challenging in New England is seasonal availability as well...hard for those of us eating mostly raw food to live without avocados, oranges, nuts and seeds that aren't grown here.

The craze for LOCAL is going to push prices sky high in states where there is more demand than is able to be produced. We loose more farmland to development every day, yet more people are seeking out local growers. We need to begin to understand the relationship between us and the land. We need the land to grow the food and the land needs to be chemical free!
What seems outrageous to me is non-organic locally grown products that cost more than organically grown non-local products! That's just not right! The whole point of local is to make more sense. It's about access and growing the local economy. Yet, here in Connecticut the only ones that can afford the local organics are the country clubs and high end spas (unless of course we grow our own! - watch out Codex Alimentarius!) Kinda crazy living in a state where we have the poorest and the richest cities in the nation in such a small little area.

The bottom line is we should have access to BOTH! Be a WISE consumer - whatever you are buying! Always ASK QUESTIONS!Inquire about your farmers about their growing practices. Make sure to show your support for farmers in your communities committing to growing organically (even if they are not certified). Grow your own garden, join a community garden, start a seed swap or support a local CSA this season! Let's take the hand back into our hands! and let's support Michelle Obama as she does the same! Read on:

The Mid America CropLife Association (MACA) has a bone to pick with Michelle Obama. MACA represents chemical companies that produce pesticides, and they are angry that Michelle Obama isn't using chemicals in her organic garden at the White House.

In an email they forwarded to their supporters, a MACA spokesman wrote
http://www.lavidalocavore.org/showDiary.do?diaryId=1309 , "While a garden is a great idea, the thought of it being organic made [us] shudder." MACA went on to publish a letter it had sent to the First Lady asking her to consider using chemicals -- or what they call "crop protection products" -- in her garden.

This is CRAZY! Sign the petition telling MACA's board members to stop using Michelle Obama's garden to spread propaganda about produce needing to be sprayed with chemical fertilizers at the link attached. Go Michelle!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Healing Power of Water

A series of unending currents has washed throughy my life in the past two months since I last wrote...my 40th birthday has come and gone. The last chapter of my book written (conception) as I open myself to the next phase of birthing it out into the world (active labor).

In addition to my DETOXIFICATION birth day celebration (green drinks, sacred chocolate & my new infrared sauna - who knew you could have so much fun!), we spent many evenings showing and discussing the film FLOW (For Love of Water) - a new release that poignantly depicts the coming water crisis. Our eldest actively worked on collecting pledges for the Take Back the Bottle Campaign (http://www.thinkoutsidethebottle.org/)

If you haven't yet seen the film or don't know the details about companies like Poland Spring then now is the time to get informed. It is in the process of becoming informed that we send ripples of change out into the world. These ripples turn into waves that when we persist and follow our truths can change the tides for the future.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Now is the Hour

Are our actions consistent with our actions? Raising children in times of constant distraction and looming sadness can challenge the depth of our beings. It is in such times that our ability to stay focused and grounded is most needed. Now is the hour when we must stay clear and on task. We do that simply by living in ways that reflect the truth.

It is easy to get off center: everyday crisis, children that require special attention, partners that are feeling neglected, mounting to-do lists, demanding bosses to our own distracting natures. How do we instill a practice of returning to our centers over and over again? How do we reclaim our children from the $15 billion dollar industry that has been designed to take them away from us?

Every where we turn there is some kind of something luring them away to be brand consumers for life. Perhaps we ourselves have fallen prey to their tactics. Maybe we have bought in to the idea that what we buy identifies who we are. Maybe we think the characters that plaster every baby item at Babies-R-Us are cute and have become numb ourselves to the 3,000 commercial media blitz we are inundated with daily.

Yet, when we begin to unravel and understand the depth of manipulation and impact of this 360 degree immersive marketing world we now live in, we begin to see things a bit differently – especially when we see the intentional manipulation of the minds of children who are helpless against the minds of MIT grads who spend their days analyzing and observing the behaviors of kids to ensure cradle to grave brand loyalty.

We now have a booming toddler industry that is capitalizing on the research that children recognize brand logos at the age of one. We have a $10 billion infant educational video industry that has led parents believe that their children will be smarter when in reality that are making them dumber according to recent studies. NO CHILD UNDER THE AGE OF 36 MONTHS SHOULD WATCH ANY TV.

We have a tween industry that has gone from 10-12 year olds to as low as four to six year olds. Our children are being sexualized and encouraged to want products like make-up, designer clothes and expensive gadgets like ipods and cell phones. The innocence of childhood is disappearing before our eyes. Creative play in 12 year olds has decreased 94% in the past decade. Our children are not given chances to play, and when they do play it is modeled after some show or character that has been invented for them rather than their own mind.

Our kids are becoming Super Consumers and in the process they are being dumbed down, fat and sick. We need to take our children back from the clutches of consumerism. We need to instill values and keep them safe. We do this by knowing what our values are and standing up for what we believe. There is no self in consumerism – just selfishness.

Mothering in this time is not an easy task when we must battle every day for our children. We live in a country where government agencies are refusing to do their job to help protect our children who are the target of money hungry marketers. Tactics continue to worsen since Congress took the authority away from the Federal Trade Commission in 1979 to regulate advertising towards children when there was concern that they were being targeted to want sugary cereals.

Since that time our children have been at the mercy of marketers. Combating this goliath requires much hard work and energy. To effectively counter their strategies we must develop our own. We must be grounded in our own truths and not bend for our children’s sake. By just living what we know to be true we are powerful.

Take for example the knowing that TV (computer, cell phone…) is bad for our children (and us). GET RID OF YOUR TV. Take back your children and stop letting them be brainwashed! Spend moments of silence with your children. Meditate with them. Listen to them. Bring them back to a point of balance. Bring yourself back. Quiet yourself long enough to hear what’s true without being distracted.

YOU are the last link between the worlds. Our children are being raised without any knowledge of the past. The consumer world of today is their reality. Show them another way. Connect them with the MOTHER, the Earth. Join together with other mothers who are stepping up for the RIGHTS OF CHILDREN. You are not alone!

Buy a copy of Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood from the Media Education Foundation at www.mediaed.org Watch it and show it to as many other mothers you possibly can. Join the Mamalution by clicking on the icon on my page.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Year of Synergy

I find myself gravitating to certain words at different times in my life....trying them on like coats until I absorb the fullness of their meaning. My word for this new year is synergy. This word stood out like a mantra in one of my latest reads... The Hundred Year Lie by Randall Fitzgerald (an absolute must read and one of the most comprehensive books I have read hands down on the subject pertaining to our toxic world).

In his book he speaks of the toxic synergy we have infiltrated into our world from the misuse of synthetic chemicals. He defines synergy as "the simultaneous acton of two or more chemicals (or processes) in which the total effect is much greater than the sum of the individual effects." He eloquently points out that we have yet to discover the outcome of this chemical stew we are living in and scarier yet are the unknown affects these chemical combinations (will) have on our overall health and survival as a species.

The body burden of chemicals we each walk around with (over 700 each according to the EPA) has become normalized in today's society. We accept this toxic world as if we have always been a species laden with chemical properties when indeed it has only been 100 years since they were first introduced. This ongoing low exposure to all kinds of chemicals is not well understood, nor safe. Rachel Carson brought to light this exact concern in the 1962 with her book Silent Spring, yet from 1964 to 1992 chemical pesticide use in US agriculture increased 300 percent. What is the effect of just this one chemical spewed out into our air, dumped into our soil (food) and washed into our streams and rivers?

"An important factor rarely considered for apologists for the synthetics belief system is how single chemicals that seem benign by themselves can become monsters when they interact as an additive effect or synergistically with other chemicals to greatly magnify their effects." (p.29) We are living in a world out of control and instead of throwing our hands up in the air we need to plant our feet in the ground. We need to demand change.

How can we take this concept of synergy and apply the same principals to this new way of life we are defining? How can each of us individually come together and blend in ways that are not hazardous, but instead healing, as we reclaim our planet? If we each keep holding our point yet willingly reach out to others who are doing the same we will begin to weave together a tapestry that will take on a life of its own. Together we can make our own magic that will be the balm that nurtures our wounds rather than the poisons that are silently killing us.

I feel the synergy in my conversations with others who are seeking the same. I feel the possibility in moments when we come together and allow our energies, visions and intentions to intertwine and let goodness unfold. In a time when our senses have been manipulated and confused to an extreme, I trust in our instinctual, intuitive selves to know the difference between right and wrong and find our way home again.

May 2009 bless us with health and new beginnings.