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Thursday, July 9, 2009

sweet misery

So, what's the demon? SUGAR... in all it's sultry forms....even for those of us eating mostly raw food diets we still come face to face with the culprit that entices us all. From agave to aspartame we are required to explore our relationship with sugar. But the outrage, for me, comes when blatant, misleading advertising is inflcited upon those who don't yet understand the issue - particularly our children.

A few weeks ago we showed SWEET MISERY as part of our free film series. It is a must see for anyone that still believes that aspartame is not a lethal toxin and makes you wonder who it is exactly that is out to destroy our species. A few days later my daughter stumbled across the $30 million effort over the next 18 months on behalf of corn syrup companies to convince Americans that this stuff is "natural". Check it out:




I particularly love this rebuttal which is much more accurate:


Most moms fail to realize that 2 of every 3 products inthe grocery store contain SUGAR - not just the junk food but the other stuff like pickles, pasta sauce, yogurt. There are over 52,000 items alone that contain high fructrose corn syrup!!! Read: Sugar Shock by Connie Bennett and begin to educate yourself about the DANGERS of this deadly poison being inflicted upon our innocent children around every corner.

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