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Monday, May 18, 2009

The GREEN Crusade

Everyone is on the green bandwagon these days and overall that's a good thing....we just need to be more selective and discerning about the products we welcome into our lives. This is where conscious consumerism comes in....well I am happy to announce that I have finally found a company offering something I have been searching for that meets my criteria!

Green cleaning products are an easy way to embark on the path of going green yet there are many imposters tempting consumers trying to do the right thing. Finally, a truly green product with a company capable of maintaining the integrity of the product in all arenas...from the product itself (latest technology of enzyme based cleaners that come in concentrate form that you simply add water to), to the packaging (recycled containers, carboard and water based inks) to the companies organic shirts. The company is based AND manufactured in the USA and is designed to educate and empower through a direct marketing system.

The concept is brilliant, the product fabulous (same price point as conventional products without the toxins that works like a charm!!!). Not only is it a product that the newbie can easily gravitate towards but us dark greenies can embrace because it exuberates the integrity we demand. Now that's an accomplishment to be proud of and take part in!

Looking for a product that you can be passionate about and support your overall vision of improving the planet? Wow Green cleaning products are a great place to start. In just a matter of weeks we are growing the deepest shade of green vein within the company and I welcome you to take part. This product line is going to serve as the backbone of our nationawide green consulting service and are the perfect opporunity for moms of all skills and abilities to take part...

Step into your wise warrior self and join the crusade!

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