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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Mamalution

As women, we are instinctual healers guided by our intuition. This is our power. This is our birthright. Since the beginning of civilization, we have gathered together in honor of this gift in red tents, in moon lodges and in temples. We have foreseen the future. We have witnessed the destruction. We have been the target of attack.

Nonetheless, we are the force that has enabled our species to thrive. We give birth to new life, nurse them during illness, watch over them in their youth and advise them through the years. We use herbs, find comfort and support in our circle of female friends, practice common sense and soothe injuries with our love. It is our web of wisdom that is weaving a new tapestry – a new way of life. It is an exciting time to be alive. We are the generation of women that will forever change our world.
We can use the advances made by women of the past combined with the technology of the future to further our cause. We will infiltrate every realm of society, as we tap into our abilities as healers and identify others among us. We are teachers, we are business leaders, we are medical doctors, we are social workers, we are soldiers, we are laborers, we are para-professionals, we are lovers and we are mothers. Many of us are more than one. Our multi-dimensional aspects work to our benefit. The tools and skills we have used to survive thus far is to our advantage.

We are all colors, all religions and all cultures. We live in every corner of the earth. We have permeated every arena of the world. We are all within reach. We are breaking past the divisions and disconnections of the past and joining forces during the time when our presence will be most felt. We are a united front of women who are healing the earth.

We are building our networks, gathering our resources and aligning our intentions. Together, we are taking back our bodies, our minds, our children and our world. This is the MAMALUTION.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blossoming Values

I have spent the week immersed in writing the book I am working on and so my mind is swirling with thoughts that I am anxious to make sense of in a way that others can understand. One of the concepts I am unraveling has to do with the ways we instill values in our children when they are surrounded by a society that is devoid of them.

How do we teach children what’s important - the real meaning of value? In our current society, value is associated with the dollar store. Value means getting a good deal by ripping someone else off in another country. In essence, there is no “value” in value at all. It’s just another of one of the many things we have paradoxically devalued. It is the way in which we take things that are precious, like the earth herself, and destroy it. We see a beautiful beach and we envision building condos on it so we have access to the beauty whenever we want. We do this with things, destinations, cultures of people, all for the sake of convenience.

Looking back, one of the things I was able to successfully do with my children is provide them with a sense of values. I realized the other day as I watched my youngest child race across our yard to get a closer look at the blossoming of her magnolia tree (each of my children has a tree planted in their honor from birth). She has been anxiously awaiting the green buds on her tree to pop open. Finally, this week they did and she was squealing with excitement.

As mothers, we can teach our children to be thrilled by the simple pleasures in life. It important that we infuse an appreciation for the food we are fortunate to eat, for handmade gifts, the rediscovery of a special game or outfit that was put away for a season, unforgettable moments during a private performance and the endless series of variations displayed by Mother Nature.

I, myself, have piles of pictures, presents made out of recycled objects, special stones, shells, tree limbs, flowers, handmade cards, personalized love letters – little treasures that remind me that I have instilled some sense of meaning into their lives. I love that my nine year old did not think twice to gather some “recycled” items from her room to gift another little girl from dance for her birthday.

Spring is the time when the world is in bloom. It holds the potential for new beginnings. It is time to re-establish the ways we want to live in the world and do it by starting first with our own families. Join mothers across the nation in a revolution. A revolution of mothers initiating the de-evolution of our species. The MAMALUTION is born.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sacred Relationship

Being a “Busy Green Mom” can take a toll on ones relationship with their Beloved. It is essential that we maintain the balance between trying to save the world and preserving the grounding force which makes manifesting our visions possible. For me, my husband is the one who helps to ground me and make my dreams come true.

He’s the one who bears the burden of turning our ideas into reality. On most days he starts off enthusiastic and willing to show up. On grumpy days, “our” ideas become mine alone and he wants nothing to do with the “vision”. It’s these days that I make sure I am extra appreciative and remind him how much I adore him.

I know I am blessed to have found my perfect mate – someone strong enough to hold the big vision while willing to make some sacrifices along the way. I try to My husband in no way is wishy washy, yet he is comfortable enough with his masculine self to allow me to express my full feminine self.

Once in awhile our egos get in the way, but for the most part we are both committed to each other, our family, our community and the big picture. Together we continue to redefine and reshape our ideas and how we want to live in the world.

We find success when we keep the lines of communication open and ensure any time alone that we cane get. This itself can be a it challenging raising a blended family of six activist children and running our businesses with a team of staff. We work every day, including weekends and homeschooling our kids is a full time job. They are with us almost ALL the time, leaving my husband and I very little one on one time.

Strategies must be developed to ensure private, uninterrupted moments. A lot of effort is needed to coordinate any amount of alone time. We treasure the minutes we have to synchronize our thoughts and review our schedules and try to remember to say “I love you”.

Having half of the six on particular days can evoke a sense of spaciousness. Weekends alone with Cordie, our only child together, is like a breath of fresh air. Yet, on rare occasions it can be more challenging as she emotionally whines for her sisters to come home.

Recently we have added to our dilemma the adoption of two new puppies. So the rare moments that all the kids are away we now have puppies to watch over! Not sure what I was thinking on that one (that’s another story).

Some days I have to remind myself that I am talking to another adult rather than my children (or puppies). I have become accustomed to constantly repeating things three or four times to each of the children and find myself unconsciously doing the same with him.

The effect of repetition is relevant in the case of developing, distracted young minds but not so effective with my other half. He constantly reminds me that he actually hears what I say and gets annoyed that I talk to him like one of the kids.

His other complaint is that many evenings he feels he is competing with the computer, or the “blue screen” as he calls it. This he mutters while drifting off to sleep as he clings to the edge of the bed as our youngest lies between us with arms and legs spread. On occasion, after drifting off to sleep, he is abruptly jabbed in the ribs with a little foot. More muttering, Ah, the joys of family life.

Probably the most upsetting thing for my husband is the pace at which we live our lives and the multiplicity of multi-tasking that I take on. For me, it is a challenge to see how much I can actually accomplish at one time. It is as if another aspect of me takes over – I call this my take charge mode – and I become determined to get things done.

For me husband, my take charge mode is his worst nightmare. He resists the schedules, panics with deadlines and resents the fact that we can’t go anywhere or do anything without a cause attached. These are the moments when he will complain about being a chauffeur or babysitter, tell me how much work he has to do or how much more important his work is or literally just reaches a standstill in his ability to give or do anything else for the cause.

Luckily these times are not that frequent and if I plan well enough can be prevented. Success lies in the planning! If we develop a strategy based on our values (i.e. loving relationship, saving the world, raising children on organic food …) then we can move on to the next step: developing plans of action.

This is where the fun begins and where we as moms can begin to share our wisdom and experiences with one another on how to more efficiently and effectively live the green dream in ways that incorporate our families, including our husbands!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Simple Celebrations

My second oldest daughter, Malaika, turns twelve today. It’s amazing how our kids represent so many aspects of our selves. They serve as mirrors to the inside of our souls challenging us to step up and better ourselves and the world. They inspire, motivate and teach us how to live lives of integrity.

Children are born with instinct intact, yet from the moment of birth these precious beings are set up to stray away from that truth. How do we keep alive the spirit and natural intuition of our children? How do we keep sacred the intrinsic beauty of each child with their own distinct personalities?

How do we protect both their fragile and fierce natures – setting boundaries while encouraging them to fly? How do we maintain an open honest connection with our children as they grow older and try to find their way in the world?

Take the impact consumerism has on our children for example. The result of a century of manipulative marketing tactics has influenced every aspect of our lives from the way we give birth, to the food we eat, our health care system and the education of our children.

Big Business funds our schools in order to influence the minds of our children at younger and younger ages. Latest marketing schemes target younger audiences in order to secure consumers for life. Tween markets have been strategically designed to target the largest growing consumer niche – kids....a tactic intended to alienate parents from their children.

Corporate America has infiltrated and controls the very government agencies that have been formed to protect us to ensure their success. The FDA, EPA, CIA, IRS and FAA no longer serve to protect the people, rather they are used as a tool to advance their continued quarterly profits. As consumers we must realize that our dollars speak and use our vote wisely every time we buy something.

The only way to bring Corporate America to a halt is by changing the rate at which we consume. Americans make up about 4% of the world’s population yet produce 25% of the world’s carbon emissions, 6 times the global average. Our emissions come not only from the vehicles we drive but also indirect emissions from the products we buy. Virtually everything we consume impacts our climate.

It is time to begin thinking about the impact all of the stuff we consume has on the planet. We can begin making significant changes by buying local, supporting farmers markets, buying whole foods, bulk foods, organic non-gmo foods. We can prepare our own foods and eat dinner with our families at home. We can stop using plastic water bottles and plastic bags and use reusable ones instead. We can stop spraying pesticides on our lawns.

We can take back the rituals of humanity by having our babies at home and allowing our loved ones to die at home. We can buy clean renewable energy and buy appliances that are energy efficient. We can buy toxic-free cleaners or better yet make our own. We can buy organic sweat shop free clothing and recycled paper products.

We can find ways to be with our children that don't require that we buy something. We can bring a sense of balance back into our family by reclaiming the pieces that have been taken away by consumerism.

I spent the day with my daughter in our cafe kitchen; I making raw food and she baking the vegan cupcakes that we sell. She has positioned herself as an integral part of our operations in her drive to perfect baking and would have no one other than herself make her own birthday cake!

Happy Birth Day Malaika. May you always let your heart continue to lead your way in your quest for truth and justice. May you grow stronger and wiser as you blaze paths with your fiery spirit for others to follow. I love you with all my heart.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Raising Opinionated Kids

The kids and I were at a recent hearing on the banning of plastic bags in our state a few weeks ago and a fellow student activist was asked whether she thought the possible ban would really make a difference in light of all the things going on in our world. Her response was brilliant. She said simply “ a first step is a good step.”

As our children grow into young adults they are moved to sound their voices in the world. If we expose our children to the truth in our raising of them, then they know it to be true. They become fearless when given the opportunity to speak.

We show them what it means to be honest in the way we live our lives. They become empowered from the practice of making choices based on integrity. The learn responsibility by being accountable for their actions.

I have found this to be true with my step daughter, Cassie, who is now sixteen. The experience of blending our families these past six years has provided her a foundation that has given her confidence and allowed her to live passionately in the world. The adults around her are learning as much from her and she is from them.

Raising opinionated children can be exhausting at times. They know they are smart and sometimes can be a bit challenging. They know their opinions will be listened to and respected for the most part so they feel free to give them, and frequently.

Some days I dream of silence where I can hear my own thoughts without constant interjections and interruptions. At random moments I declare mandatory meditation where all incessant chatter must stop. Ah, peace and quiet for a few minutes anyway. Enough for me to gather my thoughts and regain my focus.

Growing kids need opportunities to speak and be heard. I have to remind myself that they are merely working out their ideas, building their vocabulary and weaving the concepts introduced to them in ways that make sense to them.

My two oldest, who at times seem disinterested in our activist efforts, have come up with ways to integrate our defined family values into things that are meaningful to them. Both have decided these past few weeks that they are working on book concepts as I work on mine.

My oldest Kailah, who decided at three she wanted to be a ballerina, is working on a book: Nutrition for Young Dancers (which will outline the importance of an organic food diet and so on). The motivation came from a conversation in one of her dance classes on nutrition. Still in the early stages of research, she has already discovered that 1) there are not any real good books on the topic and 2) she knows more than most average people, including dancers. This realization alone is empowering for a young girl of fourteen.

My other daughter, Malaika, prides herself on many things – one of them being baking. She has decided to write a book too (partly due to the fact that she likes to try and out do everything that her older sister does). Her book is a Sustainable Cook Book for Kids which will highlight organic, vegan baking recipes.

In the meantime, amidst all of our day to day adventures, we are off to yet another rally. This one we are organizing ourselves as part of a Nationwide Effort: April 1st Fossil Fools Day. We are encouraging old and young alike to come speak out, sing and share at our open mike at the State Capitol (rain or shine).

In this way we will give voice for the words that so desperately need to be spoken. Let us be reminded to listen to their wisdom and above all let us, as mothers, encourage future generations that are going to demand that they be heard! Look for our photos and video to be posted soon!