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Monday, November 8, 2010

Authentic Abundance

The time is here for women to step forward and use our power to shape the marketplace. We own 51% of the assets and literally, hold in our hands, the power to create massive change. Even beyond conscious consumerism where women impact 81% of all purchases, we can come together to strategically invest our money collectively and support only businesses operating in sustainable and ethical ways. We are being provided an opportunity to recognize our own power and to be courageous enough to take action.

We all deserve financial freedom. We deserve to live a good life without the financial stress resulting from our current lifestyles. No longer do we need to live beyond our means... the credit card of environmental resources is past its limit. We are in overdraft and it is time to re-structure our world so that all people have access to clean water, real food, clothing and shelter. Those of those who have these basic needs met are in the top 17% of the population whereas the other 83% go without. 

Our thriving economy and industrialized nations have not created more equality but rather more disparity. We need to let go of the "Smart Shopper Syndrome". We need to begin to recognize the true cost of real food for example. It is time to look closely and see what the impacts of our quest for cheap really are. Our "success" should not be determined by how much money we make but rather an identification of the ways we contribute to society - raising children with their instincts intact, caring for the elderly, teaching life skills....We need to return to the ways that come natural to women. Cooperation rather than competition - the path of Nature itself. The prevalent pathological perspective is leading to our own destruction.

Check out Women Moving Millions and see what is possible!

and look for the new film release of Awaken Your Riches - based on the principles outlined in the popular book Think & Grow Rich. The film explores consciousness as money and the idea that we are mere conduits for this exchange of energy. It is time to consider our relationship to money. We are creating a new template and opening up to the deep healing that needs to occur in order to bring our planet back into balance. How can we transform our choices to spend money as ways to do good in the world?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Full Moon Activatiion of our Visions

We are in the fourth week of our MAMAPRENEUR program (tele-summit to launch in 2011) and the assignment for this week is to have at least one ORGASM! We have been crystallizing our passions and clarifying our intentions. Like the approaching full moon, we are overflowing with ideas. We are surrendering and in doing so are embracing our deepest fears and welcoming in ecstatic possibilities simultaneously. And we recognize the honoring of our most sacred selves as a way to do good in the world.

Our bodies are the Divine Vessels through which our visions and energies flow.  The wounds we carry in the cells of our being mirror the inflictions taking place upon Mother Earth. We are she and She is we.  Sensual energy is all about creation & manifestation. As we allow our organic, orgasmic life force energy to open and unfold, we tap into a collective universal power where true healing can take place and the paradigm shift can occur. 

Once we have addressed the physical needs of our bodies we can move on to the mental and spiritual finding a balance of the three. When these three aspects our aligned we begin to live from a place of Divine Truth where we are in the flow: HIGH VIBRATION LIFESTYLE. As we raise our vibrations, our resonance attracts like minded visionaries sharing similar co-created realities. From this place we are able to then enter into Authentic Abundance – where we can take our inner riches and share them with the world from a place of service.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vote for the MAMALUTION!

The Mamalution is a Revolution of Moms....
taking back the planet through conscious consumerism,
collective investing & a global marketplace of "Mamapreneurs"
I am seeking your vote of support for Phase One of the competition!
Winning this contest will launch the MAMALUTION on a global scale with a $50,000 marketing package prize!

Important, please note it is a two step process:

First register at
The Best Brilliant Idea for Humanity
Then, after your confirmation email, vote for Imani


I will need your vote again for Round Two so stay tuned!
I greatly appreciate your support!!!

Vote for the Mamalution! #198 from Imani TGG on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

High Vibration Lifestyle Retreat at Grail Springs!

Join me for a special 5 day Sustainable Living & Raw Food Immersion on October 10th-15th   
Discover ways to energize your body, detoxify your temple, clarify your priorities and magnetize your intentions to be aligned with your inner calling. Our focus will be on conscious consumption with food as the foundation to fuel our passion. Together, we will make simple, nutritious and delicious recipes that you can easily duplicate at home on your own. You will learn about the health benefits of eating more high vibration living foods, time saving tips, formulas for multi-tasking around food preparation and raw food basics to ensure your success! Each day we will spend two and a half hours in hands-on, interactive meal preparation and discussion that will nourish us during our entire time together. We will re-awaken and delight your taste buds, ignite your inspiration and activate your life force. Restore your vision. Renew your Spirit. Reunite with your Tribe!
Recipes and related literature will be made available to each participant to take home!

Our Mamaliscious Menu:   
Simple & Delicious Live Food Recipes & Hands-on Demos to Inspire, Purify and Restore

Food Preparation Class Themes:
MonDay 1 – Dressings, Soups & Marinades; overview of sprouting
TuesDay 2 – Dehydration 1 & Nut Pates (flax crax, nuts & seeds)
WednesDay 3- Nut Cheeses/Nut Mylks & Tasty Treats
ThursDay 4– Dehydration 2 (kale chips, granola & pizza crusts)
FriDay 5 – Decadent Desserts

Daily Itinerary:
  • 7:45am Wake-up with Wheatgrass/E3 Live Shot followed by 20-min 'Break-a-Sweat'
  • 8:15am morning breakfast refresher
  • 8:45am Grail Morning Mantra
  • 9am Intuitive Yoga with Imani
  • 10:30-1:30pm Hands-on-Food Preparation and Demonstration Class each day - preparing your own lunch with Imani
  • 1:30pm Nature Hike
  • 2:30-5pm spa leisure time
  • 5:00 Meditation & Mantra
  • 6pm dinner (prepared during food prep)
  • 7pm Each evening we gather in the beautiful Great Hall for an evening of “inspirationals” on living a sustainable life!