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Sunday, June 6, 2010

"The Enlightened Woodstock for Women" Expect the Unexpected!

I have been to a lot of women’s festivals over the years….self discovery, empowerment, herbal medicinals, energy healing, tantra….but I have yet to find a circle of “conscious” women overlapping their interest in women’s health & well being with that of the planet. I am thrilled to be participating at one such event – The Grail Lady Faire at Grail Springs in Ontario - Canada's 1st Ever Festival for Women Who Care About Our Planet! This HERSTORIC event will weave together concepts of sustainable living while brainstorming the possibilities on how we can use our positions, power & numbers to make a difference! A gathering of women on the cutting edge of a movement that can’t yet be named -only felt in our bones. We are coming together to strategize, mobilize and energize.
Meet renowned authors and change makers, have lunch with green business leaders, discover new passions with Janet Attwood, get inspired by the dynamic Dale Allen, bring your drum and join evening drumming circle by the waterfront led by transformational recording artist Pamela Gerrand, and Alisa Starkweather founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement, Minnie Matouch from Canada's Cree Nation. And so many more amazing, inspiring women who will touch your hearts, minds and Spirit!
Awaken the Dreamer!...7 days of celebration, creative activism, peace, ceremony, music, art, culture, green business, provocative learning and sharing, and co-creating the New World! I will be presenting “Women Taking Back the Planet – Viva la MAMALUTION” on Saturday, July 3rd.  How can we do that? As women, we are driving the markets with our dollars, we are birthing and raising the future generations and we are infiltrating into positions of power. It is our responsibility to take action. We have easy access to information that other women around the world may not have. We have the resources to make a difference!

The United States makes up 4% of the world population yet consumes 25% of the world’s resources. Women make up 51% of the United States population and make more than 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. We are the silent voices in the “green” movement, and as consumers, we have the greatest impact on the economy. Now is the time for the feminine voice to be heard!

A movement that supports increasing numbers of women stepping up as creative entrepreneurs and demanding more sustainable choices for their families is needed. By developing strategies to enable existing and up and coming green businesses to efficiently work together through joint marketing and branding efforts, we will build a stronger presence in the marketplace ultimately making it easier and more affordable for consumers to buy green.  It’s time to Up the Revolution!  Practical, sustainable and savvy style is shaping a future generation of conscious consumers with the power to create change in the world. Our intention is to weave together grassroots efforts initiated by women visionaries of living more sustainable and fulfilling lives with ACTION.  As one collective unified voice we are unstoppable. The Goal:  5 million consumers who will affect the marketplace with how they choose to spend their dollars and who will define how business is done in the future.  LET’S TIP THE SCALE!

Tickets for Grail Lady Faire on Sale NOW ~ Includes Vegetarian Buffet Picnic Lunch:
Attend all 7-days from June 27-July 4     $495 pp Best Buy!
First 5-days from June 27-July 2               $395 pp
Last 2-days from July 2 to July 4              $225 pp
Single days from June 28-July 1                $95 pp

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