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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Grow Everything in 2010

As much as I am excited about the New Year I remain concerned about the future of food in our country. Let our resolutions be ones that secure this precious commodity. Start ordering seeds to plant in the coming year, try growing some sprouts, organize a seed swap, gather with others and garden together, buy fruit trees, berry bushes and most importantly use your voice.


also check out http://www.ftcldf.org/ and http://www.westonprice.org/ to stay up to date on corporate "food safety" bills attempted to be pushed through the Senate by Big Ag aka MONSANTO

Friday, December 25, 2009

Grateful for Organic

I am so thankful to have in my presence those who not only appreciate organic food but also understand the significance of its existence on this fragile planet. My children being first and foremost to grasp this concept. For us eating organic is more than a choice - it is a priviledge and a way of life.

The holidays were more simple than usual this year and I like simple but there were twinges of uncomfortability as we struggle to cover the basic operating expenses for all my "visions" in a community that does not quite get what we are about yet. So when we sat down to our holiday meal tears came to my eyes as each of my children expressed their gratitude for being able to eat an organic meal knowing that was the extent of what I was able to give them this year.

Wow. My children were most thankful for my choice to feed them organic over everything else. The depth of their understanding of how important this is (from
six to sixteen) struck a chord. I felt such gratitude to have children that are able to grasp not only how important it is to me...but to their future as well. Granted they are exposed to the battles of choosing organic over conventional every day at our cafe.

Running an all organic food business has had its challenges....the biggest one primarily being the inability to profit (much less cover operating expenses) to run such a place. They see us working long hours, day after day and help out a great deal as well so we can live our dream in hopes that others will soon understand. Our dedication to feeding others as we feed our family has been a tremendous (and often challenging) learning experience with a cost.

This season I am more grateful than ever to have children that appreciate the most basic gifts life has to offer and it is my hope that the freedom to eat such foods remains theirs forever.