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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Experience the Holidays (green style)!

Part of the process of "going green" is a re-inventing of ourselves, or life as we have known it. What a better time to do this with our children than the holidays? It is the perfect opportunity to provide them with a new perspective by creating opportunities for them to experience special occasions.

By experience I mean really tasting, smelling and feeling the sensations of the season! Awaken our kids senses not by feeding them a processed, pre-made pumpkin pie but having them pick the local pumpkins that they then in turn bake into a pie themselves! Even more amazing is the fact that they won't even remember how the pie tasted but rather the details of baking the pie. Memories that last a lifetime.

Quality family time - when we take the time to make lasting memories with our children - is what imprints upon their fresh minds. It's not about what we buy them but rather the magic of how we made something sacred out of nothing. That's impressive!

We can take it a step further! As moms we can reclaim the consumer driven holiday rituals of today! We can begin to take them back by choosing to buy only fair-trade, organic candies or treats. We can recycle costumes for Halloween or make our own (check out http://www.greenhalloween.com/ for some great simple ideas to introduce to your kids this year an their newly released self published book Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions written by Green Halloween founder, Corey Colwell-Lipson and her mom, Lynn Colwell)! We can show our children how to give rather than to take.

Be a leader in your own community by hosting a earth-friendly celebration this year for friends & family - whether it is a Green Halloween, Winter Solstice, Holiday Clothes Swap or Green Gift Marketplace! 'Tis the season and 'tis a reason!

Upcoming Community Celebrations at The Growing Green Co-op in Hartford, CT! Holiday Clothes Swap! Saturday, November 1st 7-9pm

I AM DREAMING OF A GREEN CHRISTMAS!Prepare to bring your warm winter gently loved garments to the November Swap: COATS, SWEATERS, BLANKETS, BOOTS & even things that could be considered as a gift for someone else. We will have sewing machines available for those inspired to create new items led by the Goddesses of Yarn. Bring a friend, your imagination & your holiday spirit! Questions or even special requests? Email the Gift Goddess, Dawn at blessedoya@yahoo.com or 206.2471 REDUCE * RECYCLE * REUSE

The Growing Green Co-op will host its first annual GREEN HALLOWEEN at its new space in Hartford (for kids all ages) $5 per child Friday, October 31st, 7pm - midnight (for older kids) A safe, fun, and healthy option for those families seeking more eco-friendly rituals! Wear your own hand-made or recycled costume! Carve your own local pumpkin, bob for apples from Eagle Valley Farms, play old-fashioned games, meet new friends and re-discover you imagination!

Sustainable Shopping in Style at The Growing Green Co-op's Annual Green Gift Marketplace Friday, Dec 5th, 6-10pm The Green Gift Marketplace featuring local, hand-made, recycled, organic and creative gifts for everyone on your list! Meet "green" business members of The Growing Green Co-op and transform your shopping mall trends of the past to new found environmentally conscious treasures at our community marketplace. Order your organic Christmas Tree in advance for pick-up on this special evening or select one on site.