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Friday, June 19, 2009

Water...our most precious resource

Happy Solstice! Join us and others around the world in this history making "EXPERIMENT". . . . The new concept in harmony . . . Connecting all through the water that sustains the planet and makes up most of your body. . . .New research proves different types of water hold unique capabilities that can free humanity from every urgency. Learn more about water and the new way to hear music . . . in 528Hz.Join us. . . . It’s for everyone.

The EXPERIMENT will gather millions of people this Summer Solstice weekend, June19- 21. Participants at more than 70 venues worldwide adjacent important bodies of Water are poised to make this first LIVE H2O Internet broadcast a historic success. Best of all, it’s all done by volunteers, and no large commercial sponsors. People everywhere will unite musically to celebrate the healing harmony in Water and LOVE. This unprecedented interactive Internet broadcast over LIVEH2O.tv will engage an estimated 10 million or more viewers in this first ever experiment in awareness and understanding. Music played at 528 Hz, with heart-felt loving intention for peace, health, and more, will resonate the oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams, including your blood stream, for the LOVE of it!

Co-creating Peace, Health & AbundanceEverything is possible with LOVE, faith, and people united in prayer! This 72-hour global event is designed to bring humanity back to unity and security in the name of LOVE, by celebrating Water.There are three ways for you to participate: 1) Go to the nearest venue; 2) Create your own gathering with friends interacting using LIVEH2O.tv and this "FREE PASS" to the LIVEH2O.tv "Control Room" that links you to streaming video broadcasts from around the world; and 3) Produce your own experience by "surfing" the streaming video, singing, praying, and chanting with multitudes of warm hearts connected online.That's right! Even if you are home alone, everyone is invited to celebrate LIVE H2O, especially during the global prayers on Sunday, June 21st, at 10AM and 6PM Pacific Standard Time.

Let‘s co-create a "Global Baptism" during the greatest spiritual concert in history--all for the LOVE of Water!DRUM, PRAY and CHANT with the World, . . .Share in the "LOVE WATER EXPERIMENT". . . . SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2009.

For those of you in Hartford, we will meet at the co-op at 4pm on Sunday.

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