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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Healing Power of Water

A series of unending currents has washed throughy my life in the past two months since I last wrote...my 40th birthday has come and gone. The last chapter of my book written (conception) as I open myself to the next phase of birthing it out into the world (active labor).

In addition to my DETOXIFICATION birth day celebration (green drinks, sacred chocolate & my new infrared sauna - who knew you could have so much fun!), we spent many evenings showing and discussing the film FLOW (For Love of Water) - a new release that poignantly depicts the coming water crisis. Our eldest actively worked on collecting pledges for the Take Back the Bottle Campaign (http://www.thinkoutsidethebottle.org/)

If you haven't yet seen the film or don't know the details about companies like Poland Spring then now is the time to get informed. It is in the process of becoming informed that we send ripples of change out into the world. These ripples turn into waves that when we persist and follow our truths can change the tides for the future.

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Lisa Thayer said...

Remember water is the liquid of life! Eat your herbs today!