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Monday, November 8, 2010

Authentic Abundance

The time is here for women to step forward and use our power to shape the marketplace. We own 51% of the assets and literally, hold in our hands, the power to create massive change. Even beyond conscious consumerism where women impact 81% of all purchases, we can come together to strategically invest our money collectively and support only businesses operating in sustainable and ethical ways. We are being provided an opportunity to recognize our own power and to be courageous enough to take action.

We all deserve financial freedom. We deserve to live a good life without the financial stress resulting from our current lifestyles. No longer do we need to live beyond our means... the credit card of environmental resources is past its limit. We are in overdraft and it is time to re-structure our world so that all people have access to clean water, real food, clothing and shelter. Those of those who have these basic needs met are in the top 17% of the population whereas the other 83% go without. 

Our thriving economy and industrialized nations have not created more equality but rather more disparity. We need to let go of the "Smart Shopper Syndrome". We need to begin to recognize the true cost of real food for example. It is time to look closely and see what the impacts of our quest for cheap really are. Our "success" should not be determined by how much money we make but rather an identification of the ways we contribute to society - raising children with their instincts intact, caring for the elderly, teaching life skills....We need to return to the ways that come natural to women. Cooperation rather than competition - the path of Nature itself. The prevalent pathological perspective is leading to our own destruction.

Check out Women Moving Millions and see what is possible!

and look for the new film release of Awaken Your Riches - based on the principles outlined in the popular book Think & Grow Rich. The film explores consciousness as money and the idea that we are mere conduits for this exchange of energy. It is time to consider our relationship to money. We are creating a new template and opening up to the deep healing that needs to occur in order to bring our planet back into balance. How can we transform our choices to spend money as ways to do good in the world?