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Monday, June 1, 2009


Our organic café has blossomed over the years and continues to attract people struggling with food related issues. Throughout the years, I have noticed the disconnection people seem to have with their physical bodies. For example, most people have lost touch with their innate hunger response. Here in America, we eat just for the sake of eating- crazy schedules, boredom, loneliness and habit.

Our culture has reinforced this concept with bottle feeding. We use food as a way to pacify children rather than comfort them with the breast or physical attention. It is easier to stick something in their mouths to shut them up rather than to deal with their specific needs at a particular moment in time.

But with what result? We now have a nation of overweight and emotionally starved children who turn into adults with the same issues in various forms. Food, sex, shopping - one addiction is linked to another. We are a compulsive society aching to fill the insatiable emptiness within. The Age of Consumerism has created a chasm between our inner wisdom and what we are told we need in this country like no other.

Here in the US we have the highest rates of obesity and diabetes resulting from growing a nation of children disconnected from where there food comes from or what real food even is for that matter. We assume the packaged edible matter with a nutritional label attached actually is good for us because that is what we have been mis-led to believe the unreal.

A hundred years ago our grandparents ate the food they grew in their garden, the wild edibles that surrounded them and products that came from nearby farms. We see the rage for raw food, local food and farmers markets growing as more and more people begin to see the light. Yet as we begin to incorporate more of these REAL foods into our diets, the real challenge is to fully obliterate the unhealthy products from our diets....

Join us for one of our RAW FOOD BASICS courses at our cafe (new series starts next week) if you are in the area (http://www.alchemyjuicebar.com/) or check out http://www.foodmatters.tv/ AND do your part by signing on to the latest campaign sponsored by Corporate Accountability that is urging more states to follow cities and states such as NYC and Massachussets who are enforcing madatory nutritional labeling from fast food restaurants. Connecticut could become the latest state to ensure fast food chains provide customers with nutritional information on menu boards! Take action: Tell Governor Rell to pass strong protections for Connecticut fast food patrons - and our kids!

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