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Monday, March 29, 2010

Urban Permadise

Check out these videos - one on my birthday this past weekend - to establish the ROOTS of our community as we embark on a journey to co-create a permadise in the middle of Hartford, the captial city here in CT. Stay tuned as we turn this place into an urban jungle with a little bit of information, a lot of passion &  inspiration.

The second video is from my trip to Miami - it is a 2 acre permadise in the middle of the city...check it out!

Urban Permadise from Imani TGG on Vimeo.
Permadise in Hartford from Imani TGG on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Found myself in Miami of all places with my daughter's dance school this week....so I thought it might be an appropriate time to talk about eco-travel.....

Traveling, in many ways, can be one of the most un-sustainable carbon emitting things we do….flying, for example, puts Americans WAY in the lead as far as carbon footprints go….Odd to think that only 5% of the world’s population has ever flown and many of us have flown multiple times….even within one year! The super eco-conscious traveler (& frequent flyer) will look into carbon offsetting (now this doesn’t justify the flying – try to have teleconference calls & minimize need to travel) or better yet alternative methods of travel when available). The premise behind carbon offsets is that we (individuals on a small scale and corporations on a large scale) can “buy off” the damaging and unethical impacts of our behaviors rather than changing the behaviors themselves. Of course it is good to plant more trees but are they being planted in a way that is authentically impacting the planet in a good way (corruption is everywhere) and have we modified our own behaviors to lessen our carbon footprint? Choose a local tree-planting initiative or buy a share from your local organic café as a way to invest your money towards protecting the environment while growing your local economy.

So I thought the best way to talk about eco-travel is to simply outline what I do when on the road….and give you some tips on how to succeed being a “green” traveler!

In order to make sure that I have organic (aka real food) options I pack some of my own…. Avocados, Red Peppers, Cucumbers travel well. I stuff some in my suitcase (which will be radiated) and then others along with my meal for the plane in my handy stainless steel to-go-ware (http://www.to-goware.com/) packed full and I also remember to bring cute little bamboo-ware set. When I travel I use no plastic water bottles or to-go ware – I bring my own and simply rinse & re-use.

I found out on this trip that the don’t radiate the items that go through the check point – simply scan them. They always ask to see what’s inside my to-go-ware and I always invite them to try a taste (usually I pack a pate in the smaller top compartment and greens on the bottom). I cut up red peppers, cukes & an avocado in half so they are ready to eat – esp. if it is a long flight.
I also pack an assortment of soaked & sprouted nuts and seeds, some seaweed, dehydrated fruit (this trip it was pineapple slices & golden berries from Ultimate Superfoods – http://www.ultimatesuperfoods.com/ – nice travel sizes). I also don’t go anywhere without a shaker of Herbamere seasoning salt, 2oz package of Shilajit and cacao bar from Ultimate Raw. I bring my thermos (empty of course) and several empty reusable water bottles. I simply have the hotel or nearby coffee shop fill my thermos (for free) with hot water and add the Shilajit and have a mineral drink each morning. I savor each square of cacao with my afternoon mineral drink….this trip I had to bring food for both me and my daughter so I packed some fresh fruit and dehydrated kale chips (though those did not last the plane trip).
When I travel I try and support local small businesses…so I will search out local health food stores & organic cafes by searching online. I look for eco-friendly B & B’s or next in line “green” hotels that use conserve resources (energy & water): low-flush toilets, LED Lighting, option to re-use linens & towels, recycled paper products (NOT KIMBERLY CLARK) & earth friendly personal care products….In this case with my daughter’s dance school trip. I did not make any of the travel or accommodations arrangements and our HILTON hotel on Biscayne is beautiful but NOT green. I gave housekeeping a few days off and had the girls in the room reuse their towels and I will be sure to leave my comments when we check out about how they might consider eco-friendly improvements!

Ok – so here’s my food itinerary from my trip to Miami (not my choice destination mind you!) this past week with my daughter Kailah (and her dance school) & how it unfolded….or how I survived!
Wednesday- Leave Hartford at noon – drank my morning Super Green Smoothie (of course my daughter insisted on arriving EXTRA early so I was feeling a bit hungry before we were on the plane!) Drank my thermos of Shiligit. Arrive in Miami around 7pm – finished off the kale chips and filled my water bottle half way on the plane. At the hotel made a nori roll with the walnut pate, sprouts, red peppers, cuke & avocad
Thursday morning – very little sleep in a room full of giddy girls who had to be up at 5am for an audition! What! Drank my Shilajit in the morning – gave Kailah an apple and nuts for breakfast. Ate another nori roll (last of the pate). Headed for South Beach – the only organic place (pasta – Kailah was so excited – was only open for dinner). Found a Whole Foods and bought her lunch and some bars and fruit for the next three mornings. Drank a Kombucha and a Garden of Life Rasp, Chocolate & Greens Bar (been awhile since I had one of those!) bought at a nearby local health food store (in search of smoothie but none of theirs were organic L). Ate some brazil nuts & golden berries in the evening.
Friday Morning – Shilijit & piece of cacao; mid day two tangerines, a few nuts & golden berries. Took the girls to a nearby natural food café (no organic even thought the menu looked like someone knew something – next day the health dept closed the place L!) I ate the remaining cucumber, pepper & avocado I brought sprinkled with Herbamere…delicious! Had some mini live coconut macaroon treats.

Friday Dinner at Metro Organic Bistro (www.metroorganicbistro.com – check out my video) Yippee & YUM! Tantalizing arugula salad with roasted beet & goat cheese & a rare hamburger with sweet potato fries! Everyone in the group that I coerced to join me LOVED it!

Saturday Morning – Shilijit and a cool expedition to Earth-n-us Farm in the middle of urban Miami! Lunch at noon @ Om Garden Café (www.OmGardenOnline.com – check out my video)– blueberry, pineapple, coconut smoothie, sushi roll with salad and a live pizza – ate half and saved half….took a veggie juice to go for tomorrow’s breakfast and filled all the water bottles (forgot to do that at Metro Bistro the day before and was a bit dehydrated!) Oh yeah – live blueberry vanilla cheesecake….

Saturday night– my daughter nibbled on the remaining raw food leftovers and I finished them off….I had some berries & pineapple earlier as well…feeling very full – my heaviest day of eating in the last 24 hours…still have some nuts & dried fruit, two tangerines & one apple (for Kailah), half a green bar & some of the mini macaroons and two avocados for tomorrow…and lots of water.

Sunday Morning - Veggie juice for breakfast (do miss my regular green smoothies- that will be the first thing I have on Monday) and Shilijit mid-day. Ate the last avocado before leaving the hotle. Here at the airport nibbling on brazil nuts, golden berries & mini macaroons and feeling hungry!  Craving an ACAI smoothie that I will have as soon I reach Hartford tonite by 10pm.

Hope the details from my “food diary” are insightful for the purpose of demonstrating that it IS possible to only eat organic if you prepare, research and use principles of moderation! Good luck on your journeys & safe travels!