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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Day to Honor Mother Earth

I am Mother Earth. Earth I am. No divisions exist between myself and the Divine Mother whose resources are dwindling. It is both exhausting and exhilirating to be alive on the planet at this time.

Giving endlessly of ourselves as the ultimate sacrifice - without martyrdom. Are we merely reducing ourselves to Nothingness to be reborn again? How do we delicately balance the worlds of fear and love? How do we distinguish between faith and despair?

Staying present to the sensations of life. Feeling the searing pain of every mountain rendered from the curves of her body; gasping for breath as the trees continue to fall; leaving vast areas of clearcut scars across her surface; I quiver with each collision between science and nature in every cell of my being.
I am drowning from the crashing waves - left deaf from the pollution that fills my ears. Contaminated waters fill her veins and mine. I pause. We have drunk endlessly from her breast until the milk has run dry.
Here we are - clinging to parched desserts begging for rainfall. Acid rain scorches our skins; no longer barriers for the poisons that seep into my blood.
Are we participating in the extinction of our own species or evolving to the next phase in our consciousness? How do we hold both to be true simultaneously...better yet, how do we live our lives from a place of action while promoting peace and forgiveness in the world?

This Earth Day honor yourself. Feed your body organic food. Protect your children from the chemical laden lawns, GMO foods and synthetic fragrances that waft through our airs. Do it today and everyday and in doing so we give thanks to the Mother of us All.

Blessed Be Mother Earth.

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