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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Mamalution

As women, we are instinctual healers guided by our intuition. This is our power. This is our birthright. Since the beginning of civilization, we have gathered together in honor of this gift in red tents, in moon lodges and in temples. We have foreseen the future. We have witnessed the destruction. We have been the target of attack.

Nonetheless, we are the force that has enabled our species to thrive. We give birth to new life, nurse them during illness, watch over them in their youth and advise them through the years. We use herbs, find comfort and support in our circle of female friends, practice common sense and soothe injuries with our love. It is our web of wisdom that is weaving a new tapestry – a new way of life. It is an exciting time to be alive. We are the generation of women that will forever change our world.
We can use the advances made by women of the past combined with the technology of the future to further our cause. We will infiltrate every realm of society, as we tap into our abilities as healers and identify others among us. We are teachers, we are business leaders, we are medical doctors, we are social workers, we are soldiers, we are laborers, we are para-professionals, we are lovers and we are mothers. Many of us are more than one. Our multi-dimensional aspects work to our benefit. The tools and skills we have used to survive thus far is to our advantage.

We are all colors, all religions and all cultures. We live in every corner of the earth. We have permeated every arena of the world. We are all within reach. We are breaking past the divisions and disconnections of the past and joining forces during the time when our presence will be most felt. We are a united front of women who are healing the earth.

We are building our networks, gathering our resources and aligning our intentions. Together, we are taking back our bodies, our minds, our children and our world. This is the MAMALUTION.

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