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Monday, April 7, 2008

Simple Celebrations

My second oldest daughter, Malaika, turns twelve today. It’s amazing how our kids represent so many aspects of our selves. They serve as mirrors to the inside of our souls challenging us to step up and better ourselves and the world. They inspire, motivate and teach us how to live lives of integrity.

Children are born with instinct intact, yet from the moment of birth these precious beings are set up to stray away from that truth. How do we keep alive the spirit and natural intuition of our children? How do we keep sacred the intrinsic beauty of each child with their own distinct personalities?

How do we protect both their fragile and fierce natures – setting boundaries while encouraging them to fly? How do we maintain an open honest connection with our children as they grow older and try to find their way in the world?

Take the impact consumerism has on our children for example. The result of a century of manipulative marketing tactics has influenced every aspect of our lives from the way we give birth, to the food we eat, our health care system and the education of our children.

Big Business funds our schools in order to influence the minds of our children at younger and younger ages. Latest marketing schemes target younger audiences in order to secure consumers for life. Tween markets have been strategically designed to target the largest growing consumer niche – kids....a tactic intended to alienate parents from their children.

Corporate America has infiltrated and controls the very government agencies that have been formed to protect us to ensure their success. The FDA, EPA, CIA, IRS and FAA no longer serve to protect the people, rather they are used as a tool to advance their continued quarterly profits. As consumers we must realize that our dollars speak and use our vote wisely every time we buy something.

The only way to bring Corporate America to a halt is by changing the rate at which we consume. Americans make up about 4% of the world’s population yet produce 25% of the world’s carbon emissions, 6 times the global average. Our emissions come not only from the vehicles we drive but also indirect emissions from the products we buy. Virtually everything we consume impacts our climate.

It is time to begin thinking about the impact all of the stuff we consume has on the planet. We can begin making significant changes by buying local, supporting farmers markets, buying whole foods, bulk foods, organic non-gmo foods. We can prepare our own foods and eat dinner with our families at home. We can stop using plastic water bottles and plastic bags and use reusable ones instead. We can stop spraying pesticides on our lawns.

We can take back the rituals of humanity by having our babies at home and allowing our loved ones to die at home. We can buy clean renewable energy and buy appliances that are energy efficient. We can buy toxic-free cleaners or better yet make our own. We can buy organic sweat shop free clothing and recycled paper products.

We can find ways to be with our children that don't require that we buy something. We can bring a sense of balance back into our family by reclaiming the pieces that have been taken away by consumerism.

I spent the day with my daughter in our cafe kitchen; I making raw food and she baking the vegan cupcakes that we sell. She has positioned herself as an integral part of our operations in her drive to perfect baking and would have no one other than herself make her own birthday cake!

Happy Birth Day Malaika. May you always let your heart continue to lead your way in your quest for truth and justice. May you grow stronger and wiser as you blaze paths with your fiery spirit for others to follow. I love you with all my heart.


Paula said...

Happy Birthday Malaika! Happy birth giving day Imani!

Imani said...

Thanks Paula! We are going to Cirque Du Soleil tomorrow to celebrate! We are so excited!