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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Share your stories

The Mamalution is a movement of mothers who are passionate, dedicated and on high alert. We are mothers who are tapping into our instinctual wisdom to lead us in the right direction. We are mothers who have answers and who are seeking answers.

We are mothers who care about our environment and the world that is going to be left to our children and their children. We are mothers that know that there are ways to be in the world that are more sustainable and more fair.

We are mothers who have faced insurmountable obstacles and who have learned things the hard way. We are mothers moving through fear to the other side. We are busy, overworked, overextended and exhausted. We are fiercely determined and short on time.

Some of us are stay at home moms while others work in Corporate America to pay the bills. All of us live lives dictated by money. Some of us are dependent on the men in our lives to take care of us while others are the family breadwinner. All of us sacrifice.

Some of us are still in circumstances that are painful, challenging and overwhelming. Many of us struggle to get through each day. Some of us are in relationships that are not supportive of our feminine essence while others of us may not be in relationship at all.

Some of us have yet to unleash the fullness of ourselves. Our voices have been silenced. Others of us are lacking the confidence or support of sisterhood to speak out. Some if us may have just begun on the path of “green” while others may have been screaming the same message for decades.

Many of us may have gone astray but have found our way back on track. We have overcome challenges in more than one arena. We have learned lessons the hard way. We have lost loved ones, moved, saw places we loved be destroyed and have lost battles. Yet we cling to our visions and keep going on.

We are light greens, dark greens and everything in between. We are mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters. We are doing things differently. We are inventing a new world order that serves as a model for the rising feminine rather than the privileged elite. We envision a world of many cooperative sustainable communities living in harmony side by side – not a world defined by borders armed with the threat of nuclear weapons.

The time for action is now. Whatever your circumstances, know that you are powerful. You can make a difference just in the ways you choose to live your life. You are not alone. There are others out sharing your journey. There is a thread that connects us all. There is a tapestry to be woven.

We have stories to share and wisdom to offer. If you are a woman that identifies with any aspect of this call to action, please consider sharing with me your personal story to be considered for the book I am completing entitled The Absence of Soil. Some concepts that will be included in the book are addressed in my blog
http://www.busymomsgogreen.blogspot.com/ and I am available to answer inquiries via email at Imani@thegreenvibration.com. Please feel free to share this with other women that may be interested in this project.

In the spirit of midwifery and the birthing of our new world, I would be honored to have you share your stories with me – wherever you are on the path.
What do you feel in your bones? What is really important? What are the barriers that get in the way? What is your motivation? Have you challenged the system? Where do we go from here?

I am seeking stories of success and stories of failure that depict the realities of our experiences as mothers and the specific obstacles we face. My book is intended to be direct with hard hitting facts about the seriousness of the issue at hand but without judgment. My hope is to soften the message with our stories and inspire and encourage mothers everywhere to follow their instinctual selves.

Many Blessings


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Dottie said...

Yes, the children are the future. I try to share with them the idea of living consciously. To see the connection between all things and between one's actions and the world around you.

I find this even more important now as I realized recently, looking at my beautiful new (well, 9 month old) granddaughter, that I may not be alive to see her children grow. It is important to pass this understanding of the universal connection of all things on to future generations.

If you are not conscious of the ties, it makes no sense to act in a way that respects them.