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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where to next?

No longer are we able to find our own way. In today’s world we rely on technology to show us what we need to know – the computer, the TV, the GPS, the ultrasound…
There are no internal cues to guide us. We have become dependent upon outside sources- dependent on technology to decipher our experiences.

It is a case of the directionless leading the directionless. And as a result, we have a big mess. Generations have become deaf to the non-verbal language of Mother Earth. Our internal compasses have been discarded. We are no longer able to interpret her subtle messages.

We have lost touch with the planet we depend upon. We are unable to recognize signs of fertile soil and toxic wastelands. We are ignorant to the heavy metals sprayed by our own government into our atmosphere that permeate our beings. We are blind to the devastation of our surrounding eco-systems.

We are stuck inside air-conditioned boxes that keep us separated from others plugged into an artificial world that feeds us more and more disillusion. We are sold goods that are deficient in nutrition and are known to be the cause of our suffering. All in the name of profit. We are their guinea pigs!

As women, we have been taught to distrust our bodies. We hand over our power to doctors who can only determine the position and size of a baby with radiation rather than the human hand. We have lost connection not only with ourselves, but to each other. We have carried that disconnection to our children. We parent from a distance and live our lives from a hands-off approach, rather than hands-on and then wonder what happened.

It is time to step outside the “safety” of our boxes and return to living our lives from places of truth. It is time to look to the skies and see what is really going on. It is time to plant our feet in the earth and say no to toxins leaching into our soils. Only when we open our minds to what is going on will we be able to affect real change in our world. We must take back our world before it completely disappears right before our very own eyes.

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