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Monday, July 28, 2008

Uncomfortable Uncertainty

I have come to realize that my role in this lifetime is to hold the bigger vision. I am an eternal optimist and I can almost always see what is possible. I get excited by ideas and my connections with others feed the vision. Yet, there are days when I too do not feel so inspired and visionary.

In the corner of my mind, I wonder if the outcome of all of our amazing actions will amount to anything at all. I doubt our ability to impact the “super powers” who are the ones controlling our atmosphere, creating wars and supporting our false economy. Our actions or inactions are minute in comparison.

When I think of what the military is spraying in our skies, the micro-chipping of our population and the poisoning of the masses through packaged, processed foods - and the numbers of folks oblivious to it all – I get a bit depressed. Sigh.

In the bigger picture it is almost as if “climate change” is just a tactic to keep us distracted. I just wish that I lived in a time where I knew the net outcome of my efforts so I could best utilize the limited energy and resources I have. How comforting it would be to just know something for sure!

My great-grandparents lived in a time not so long ago and knew that if they planted seeds something was going to grow. In today’s quickly changing world we have no idea the result of our actions - even ten years from now. None of us really know what to expect the world to be like in the decades to come. We can only speculate about what kind of world our children will inherit and the challenges they will face. I wonder things like, will they have water to drink? Will they know how to grow their own food?
This is where the combination of strategy and organization comes in. If we create a plan and lots of us do it then of course we can create change…that’s what the tipping point is all about. But first we need to know what it is we are planning for. That is why it is essential that each of us reach out to one another. We must share what we do know to be true – even if it is in visionary form. And we must all hold each other up on the days where it all feels too big for just one person.


Izzy said...

You are one of very few people I've encountered around the blogosphere to mention the micro-chipping thing. I'm glad I'm not the only one who worries about that, along with all the other concerns you've noted.

Tracey Smith said...

Hi there - it's great to meet another green mum who's concerned about the future for her children - I have 3 and believe we are at a crucial, pivotal point and I believe more options will be presented to us to help us live more sustainably.

Here in the UK, the Peak Oil crisis has hit our petrol tanks and our food bills and that's forcing some folks to go green to save money.

Others are being more thoughtful because they feel an eco-urge to and that's also a great reason.

Whatever drives you to make a start, it's clear there will always be a new wave of people needing re-education on how to do it and your blog gives people a great start!

I've really enjoyed reading through some of it and looking at a US perspective of sustainable motherhood!

From a friend across the water,


Author of 'The Book of Rubbish Idesa'