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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Busy & Balanced

Many of us are beginning to feel the mounting craziness, if not in our own lives then in those around us. This presents an interesting predicament...how to be balanced in an unbalanced world. Here we all are - striving for balance in an attempt to make ourselves less crazy - yet living in a world that is getting crazier. This is the real test.

Finding our balance comes when we are strongly rooted - to our core, to the earth, to our visions. It requires daily practice. We learn from the insanity of our lives and our repeated attempts to stay sane. There is such a fine line.

I am bombarded daily with distractions of everyone around me. My children help me develop my meditation practice because they constantly pull me off my center. As a result, I have become diligent and well practiced at getting back on track repeatedly throughout the day.

It is most important at this time to remember what is important - to let our values guide our lives. We need focus, clarity of our intentions and direction. We need to strategize, organize, mobilize. This world is going to get a bit crazy and we need to be prepared - to put our multi-tasking talents to the test.

Most importantly, we must not get distracted. Our hearts will guide us to what is real and from there we can respond pro-active, positive manners. We must tap into our internal strength and begin to plan.

"I want to plan my future and realize that this is futile in the way I had once thought about that. Instead I am spending an enormous time weaving, circling, meeting, networking, bonding, collaborating, visioning and anchoring my roots to all the strength I was born with. " from ALisa Stakweather, posted on THE MAMALUTION network (http://www.alisastarkweather.com/).

Let us join hands, hearts and wisdom and grow this grassroots web of women who are (de)revolutionizing the planet.

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