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Monday, March 3, 2008

The Next Step

It is time to wake up and face the challenge facing us today! This is a call to mothers everywhere! It is time to tap into your feminine intuition and save the day! Those of us raising children during this critical time have a responsibility and an obligation to teach them new ways of living.

Teach them to adapt, to be flexible, to be strong both in body and spirit. Teach them to conserve, share and prepare. In what ways are we personally willing to make the lifestyle changes necessary for the survival of our planet?

Now that we realize there is a problem, it’s time to RECOGNIZE our personal role and the responsibility we have as mothers. The patriarchial prototypes of the past are outdated and obsolete. We need a new way of looking at the world so that we can salvage what is left.

Let’s take the little bit of time we have and prepare our families for the re-building of our fragile planet. Let’s honesty look at how have we contributed to this existence we as a society have created for our children and future generations.

We must be willing to look at our own personal footprints and begin to live our lives differently. We must stay open to all possible solutions and be willing to try new things. Simple stuff like buying whole foods instead of packaged foods, using reusable water bottles instead of plastic water bottles, using reusable bags instead of plastic bags to even bigger things. We must move through the fear to the other side without becoming paralyzed, immobilized or tranquilized.

Show your children you are powerful! Use your voice. Demand change from political leaders. Use consumer dollars only to support businesses that are ethically and environmentally sound. Boycott large corporations and research the companies you buy from.

Demand products that are earth friendly. Companies will listen. Money speaks. You vote every time you purchase something. Do not compromise your values for comfort. Live your life from a place of integrity.

Share your insights, inspiration and information with everyone around you. Everyday is an opportunity to discover, uncover and try something new. We are the voices for Mother Earth.

Share your hope, your passion and your visions for a sustainable future. Don’t sit around and wait for others to solve the problem. Be pro-active right now, right here in this moment. Start with something simple. Use these words as a guide to inspire, motivate and activate!

Mother Earth is about to give birth to a new way of living on this planet. Let’s dream together the possible and put the action behind the dream to make it come true. We can take the time to make this a priority. We can face our fears and change our ways. Women, mothers themselves, are the ones with the power to shape the consciousness of future generations. It’s up to you, to me, to all of us.


Linds@Go Green Blog said...

I really like the message you have on your blog about building a sense of responsibility in the next generation.

Imani said...

Thanks! It's time we start thinking about the future generations, unlike thos of the past. I hope more and more of us begin to start acccepting responsibility for what we are creating right now. I appreciate your comment.