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Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Green" Birth

What we need to do is start where it all begins...at the moment of birth.

Memories of my last birth floated though my head yesterday as we just celebrated the fifth birthday of our youngest daughter, Concordia. Coincidentally we showed a beautiful film, "Birth As We Know It", in our cafe for our free film series the same evening.

The film depicts the ecstatic, blissful aspect of giving birth as nature intended and inspires mothers to claim their feminine wisdom to birth without interference. http://www.birthasweknowit.com/ The film sharply contrasts another film I recently saw that brought me to tears entitled "The Business of Birth".

I was astounded to discover that in the fifteen years since I birthed my first baby at home the cesarean rate has increased from one in four women to one in three! It is as if all of the progress made to empower women to trust in their bodies inherent ability to birth their babies is null and void. Women are buying into the consumer based selling of a medicalized birth. Scheduled cesareans are becoming increasingly popular with some OBs stating that ALL women should have them! What???

This is outrageous! Odd parallel with the introduction of GM foods and cloned animals - all moving us towards a sterile world void of any real connection to the earth we live upon. How can we expect women who are disconnected from their children at birth to protect them from such insanity? Hmmm...It all appears quite intentional....

I am inspired to use the "green" consciousness that is emerging and apply it to the world of birth in hopes to attract the attention of the masses of women choosing to seperate themselves from this most essential life experience. My intention is to restore the balance for both babe and mom and thus worldwide.

"How we treat the child, the child will treat the world. "- Pam Leo

I am curious to know if any of you have had your babies at home, assisted or unassisted, and what your reaction to this idea to reintroduce what we already know under the guise of something new.

One of the most critical steps in circumventing the extinction of our species is to rekindle the bond a mother has with her baby that enables her to protect them from harm. In a world where danger abounds, it is essential that mothers stay rooted to this most instinctual, intuitive survival skill to ensure the survival of future generations.

Thus, a "green birth" frees mothers from the manipulative marketing tactics applied to birth in this country by encouraging them to trust themselves and the process. It allows women to heal their own wounds and prevent future birth traumas. If we allow our values as mothers to dictate our births only then will our births begin to reflect the integrity by which we live our lives. Any thoughts?


jeneflower said...

I have learned a lot from your blog. Thank you.

inspiredej said...

I do know that it is sad and unbelievable to me that the rate of c-sections has GONE UP!!

I just read that same statistic a few days ago, and thought,, naa,,must be old information, and here I see it again.

I am too am a homeschooling, homebirthing, mother who is running a 'green business' . I have had 2 of my 4 kids at home. All of my births were very different. Though the last one, was unassisted by my choice. It seemed like the option that fit me the best, and my baby too. I listened to both of us.. the silent voice of my baby, the intuition I had, and I did a lot of soul searching to decide what the best choice for us was. I also had a midwife I could call who lived not far away if I felt I needed to call. But I knew that having a baby without interference of any kind was the right way FOR ME .

Women are taught not to trust their bodies. How can we birth our babies with strength and confidence if we don;t believe in ourselves??
If we don't trust ourselves in the most fundamental ways to have our children, then , like you said, how are we to protect them at all costs?