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Monday, January 21, 2008

Use Your Voice!

The approval of the sale of meat and milk by cloned animals by the FDA this past week, even with opposition from Congress and the American Public, is an outrage!
“Despite scant data, congressional action demanding further research and over 150,000 public comments in opposition, FDA approved the sale of meat and milk from cloned animals. In addition, the FDA will not require any special procedures for tracking or handling food products from clones. It will not require labeling of any kind on food products from clones or their offspring, depriving consumers of their right to know about the origins of their food.” Center for Food Safety.
What mother wants their children to be the “guinea pig” for the experimental “food” supply that is being created? It is like we are living in a sci-fi movie. Our “leaders” continue to impress upon us cloned animals, GM Foods, microchips and nuclear energy as somehow necessary for our survival. Their intent is to slowly introduce these unnatural oddities to the general public until they begin to appear “normal”. But our intuitive selves indicate to us that they are anything but!
Our world is becoming more sterile and surreal by the moment. Our food supply is bombarded with unsafe levels of toxic pesticides, insecticides and herbicides, artificial colorings and flavorings, over processed and excessively packaged genetically modified “foods” and products from cloned animals. It is our inherent nature as women to nurture and nourish. The concepts of feeding others- physically, emotionally, spiritually - is part of our dynamic make-up. We envision providing our families with a complete experience, not a synthetically simulated environment attempting to imitate the real deal.

Insidiously, it is our demand as consumers for the convenient, cheap foods we have become accustomed that “justifies” such oddities. Simply put, the food industry is trying to keep up with consumer demand and to do so they must resort to things that never before existed. The motivation appears logical but its implementation is irrational! Let us not accept such circumstances simply because we do not want to be bothered with changing our ways.

People put off by the higher cost of organic food are unaware of what the real cost of real food is. Cheap food does not equate quality food. Think about it. How is it really possible to create something worth putting into your body for just one dollar? Part of the process here is changing our customary patterns around food. Refusing to eat any and all products (meat and milk) from cloned animals or their offspring is a good start.

Back up your actions with a pledge to let companies know that you will not buy food from clones! Part of the path of living a sustainable life is not just thinking about it but doing it! We must vote with our dollars and use every opportunity to shape the future by having our voices be heard.
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