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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Green, the New Red, White & Blue

I am interrupting the flow of my blog for a special venting session…

As a kick off for the Focus The Nation events in our area, several local organizations joined together to show the movie, Green: The New Red, White & Blue with writer Thomas Friedman. The movie is clearly geared towards populations of people uneducated about the issues of “clean” energy in an attempt to provide what appears to be an “overview” of our options at this critical point in time. It makes the assumption that climate change is here to stay and appeals American patriotism to urge us to become the leader in the race for “green” solutions.

However, the “solutions” presented are a bit slanted in a particular direction. It makes one wonder if Mr. Friedman is getting paid to show things in such a light. The claim that nuclear energy is the only “green” energy solution to solve the bulk of our energy problems was the big cue.

This declaration was followed up with an in depth explanation of the need for “clean” coal (doesn’t that seem a bit incongruous?) while aerial views depicted the land being raped by machinery as beautiful! No mention of the 470 mountains that have been permanently destroyed along with the communities that have been devastated in attempts to meet our voracious demand for energy! If this is not intentional attempts to manipulate our perceptions, then what is?

It even went as far to interview a woman who outlined the process of building a “much needed” nuclear plant and the barriers that get in the way…such as finding a community willing to have such a plant in their own back yard. They laughed at the oddity of such a scenario – imagine a community that does NOT want such a toxic site in their neighborhood for the better good of the world. Heed the intuitive self!

He goes on to highlight France and the Netherlands as running almost completely on nuclear energy while implying America is falling behind. He urgently calls out to the patriotism that sparked our nation during WWII to call us into action but fails to realize that the values our country was based on have been ripped to shreds. Our government is corrupt and we are leaderless. We have lost all trust.

He incites us to blindly follow this “green” movement that is lacking in leadership. He repeatedly compares the US to other countries abroad but avoids such comparisons like the amount of energy we use in contrast to European counties. He sadly denounces that we have not built any more nuclear plants since the Three Mile Island catastrophe, showing photos of the site as if it were a revered memorial. He neglects to note the challenges France has with the use containers of toxic waste buried on the coast of Normandy. Details like those are irrelevant.

Biofuels are touched upon as one of the many profitable growing green businesses, along with big corporations like Walmart that are featured in the film. No need to think about all of the GM crops taking over the world to make that biodiesel and how much money like corporate giants such as Monsanto are making. Monsanto just celebrated their huge success of signing up Brazil for GM sugarbeets for biofuels at the beginning of this year. Go ahead, keep buying from Walmart who sells “organic” clothing and frozen foods from China (there is a reason their prices are so low folks!).

Again, attempts to gloss the surface and make people feel good about their choices without having to delve deep into the real issues. That’s what “greenwashing” is all about! The future of “green” is all about money and the bottom line! Yes, it is about buying green and supporting sustainable business practices, but it is not about buying MORE. It is about buying less, using less, consuming less.

We have to LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES to discern the real truth here! My concern is that Americans are so gullible. We will believe whatever we are told BECAUSE that is what we want to hear! Who really wants to change their lifestyle? This film suggests that we can go on with life as usual without having to make any sacrifices or change any of our behaviors! Only two or three sentences in the entire film are dedicated to the ideas of conservation.

Yet, conservation is the key. We can switch to renewable energy options, yes (and if you haven’t already, put that at the top of your to do list) but you have to USE LESS ENERGY! As Americans, we must look at our own personal carbon footprints (i.e. how much energy and non-renewable resources we use) compared to other people in other parts of the world. When we do, we see the disparity.

My concern is that films, such as this one, are designed specifically to inculcate the minds of the masses with the specific goal of normalizing the extraordinary through propaganda. What we know to be inherently and intuitively wrong they are condoning as perfectly acceptable behaviors while presenting “solutions” in order for us to not feel so uncomfortable. It is up to us to discern the difference.

The time has come for a real revolution for a cause and a country that one can feel good about.


Nicola said...

I wish I'd said that! Brilliant!

Emily the Great and Terrible said...

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but great work!

I sure don't want a nuclear plant in my backyard. What about solar energy? hydroelectric? using much, much less? There are ways to make energy without dirtying our planet OR littering it with radioactive time bombs. For them to present nuclear energy as clean is mindboggling and I hope everyone who viewed the movie did so with your critical eye.